Welcome to The Tam

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222 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116


10am-2am 7 days a week. 21+.
Bring ID. Tip well.

Tuesday night trivia!

8pm-10pm. Cash prizes (off your tab!)

Do you take cards?

We take credit cards now. Cash is still king. We have an ATM, it is likely broken. There is one at 7-Eleven and it probably works.

$3 PBR cans. Other drinks also available. Whiskey and stuff. Pretty sure there's no milk. (Confirmed October 2019)

Couple regulars having a jar. Tiocfaidh ar la!


Bring food from Maria's Taqueria or New York Pizza or I don't know, Subway (closed) or something. Panera Bread is a place that exists.

We don't have a vending machine anymore. 7-Eleven has all the snacks.

Or a jukebox (thankfully!). No more nudey-touch game though.


No. Maybe.
Talk to people. Or don't.

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Did anyone ever die at The Tam?
Not since St. Patrick's Day 1969 (thanks Sam!) Come have a drink?
Most famous guest?
Bieber or if you're over 40, George Wendt (Norm). Met a background actor from Chicago Fire (the TV show) or Max Grinnell talking about the great fire of Chicago and his Chicago Fire fanfiction.

Don't bring drinks outside, this is just a montage

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